CAD / CAM / CAE technologies, which combine all traditional methods used in the manufacturing sector and standardize production with quality and minimum error rate, perform the 2D and 3D modeling task, and the CAD system prioritizes continuous quality and standard with the homogeneous production it provides for mold design. 3D CAD, which has proven its competence with leading brands that it has succeeded in the manufacturing industry, also offers the most suitable modeling style for aluminum extrusion profile molds. Modeling, which is of great importance in our industry, can cause a great waste of time and non-specific standard production by working in two dimensions with classical methods, while advanced three-dimensional technology increases the standard understanding and minimizes the margin of error.

As EKSTEK XP, which closely follows the studies on this subject and attaches great importance, we take pioneering steps in the sector and transfer the developments in the CAD world to aluminum extrusion profile molds with the help of technology. Thanks to the system, we determine the high-level production rituals by making the sector adopt the accuracy of our innovative logic infrastructure with increasing quality and standard products, and we position not only standardized methods but also result-oriented studies that we have included in the literature in production processes.

Measurement precision, practical modeling, mold transitions and geometries that are difficult to model can be easily modeled and transferred to the production process thanks to 3D CAD that we use. 3D CAD supported modeling within the current production flow of our company is the biggest factor after our experience that enables us to be among the world’s leading mold manufacturers. We successfully represent the title of “Leader”, which is the common denominator of 3D CAD users around the world, in the field of Aluminum extrusion profile molds in our country. Each new project we realize with the responsibility given by this representation has a different ‘R&D Study’ feature. Our ideal of reflecting the 21st century technology speed and acceleration to future periods at the highest level will increasingly continue.


The fulfillment of production functions with automation creates the understanding of quality as an inevitable result. CAM Technology directs the industry of the 21st century especially in terms of eliminating the loss of time and other non-standard product handicaps that can occur with high physical labor. The biggest step in order to increase the quality and quantity of the manufactured product, to ensure its continuity and to develop solutions suitable for the needs, is a CAM system supported by analyzed CAD data.

CAM System, which is among the values ​​that bring us our brand value that we increase day by day, provides a product standardization beyond the classical body work and also predicts serious savings. The product, which is obtained in a long time with traditional manufacturing methods, can be produced in much shorter times and with much less body strength with CAM technology. At this point, EKSTEK XP, which offers innovations to the aluminum extrusion profile molding sector, adapts the existing CAM Technology to mold manufacturing as a pioneer in the sector, and produces perfect molds with its own macro support.

We manufacture the quality products we need with advanced technology within the framework of the standards we determine. Our system’s complete progress in parallel with technological innovations provides us with this. Time, which is our most important criterion in responding to customer demands, has been minimized with the computer-aided production network we have established. Our system, which offers the right design and perfect surface quality in order to meet the expectations and to ensure customer satisfaction, has brought us to our ideals in line with the principled working style we have adopted as a principle and enabled us to reach the desired place.